Part II Chapter 2

The insights of The Light and The Dark

Through poetic variation   Ù3

Shaping the thoughts and words   Ù4.1 Ù4.2



And so eleven in friendship, The Ring of Light did see and revere,

From its force and from within them, wondrous revelations did appear,

Leading them to an understanding, of the full meaning of their Quest,

And give them hope and a last chance, to end all that the Dark Lord possessed.



They heard the words of The Light

If the Ring of Light should now be completed

Then all Sauron’s evil can be defeated

This Light rises again as one final chance,

To curb forever all of the Dark’s advance.

For Sauron continues beyond Barad-dûr,

For ‘five things’ unresolved, he could still endure.


They have but twelve days, to achieve The Light’s goal,

From the time The Twelve, finally become a whole.

Great wisdom and power, to them is granted,

To counter all evil, whereso implanted.

But these great powers, must with all care be used,

For all sight from their future, is now refused.


To the White Wizard now, the charge is given,

To gather The Twelve, the future has hidden.

First called forth, the reluctant King of Gondor,

The Lady of Rohan and forgotten lore;

The ring bearer and his brave companion true;

And two other folk, who from the Shire grew.


There remains now but five, to complete the whole,

One of great valor, from the land of the troll,

One of the elves, from the enchanted kingdom,

Next, two mortal men, bound by blood and heirdom,

One a famed warrior, tempted by The One,

The other, wise and fearless, less favoured son.


To the others then add, one who was possessed,

If now he desires, all of The Dark suppressed.

The quest for The Twelve, is to find the ‘five things’,

To end the dark reign, of all villainous kings.

This end will not come, by the spear or the sword,

But resolving ‘the five’, will deny Dark’s Lord.


Each bearer of a Band, has heard but a shard,

Yet with spirits attuned, by The Light’s lanyard.

They may travel now, through all time and the sky,

But they need now to find, the where and for why.

All from their future, is hidden from display,

But The Light’s force and theirs, will show them the way.


That which must remain, is Isildur’s misdeed

Elsewise the Fellowship, would have failed to be.

As one they will find, great good and grim evil,

And work to make right, all the Dark’s upheaval.

May The Light that protects you, speed you through time.

Speak words of The Light,

‘Lohgs si bipruaq Deqjpatt’    

Light to conquer Darkness

to hear the words of thine.



The words from The Light ended, Gandalf spoke: ‘Aragorn and I were given a foretelling of these words of The Light.  Since hearing them we have struggled much with their meaning.’

Éowyn:  ‘Gandalf do you understand them all?’

 ‘In truth Éowyn, we have studied the words a number of times, and each time, we see more, and in some cases, other meanings.  But we believe we know enough now to proceed, for the time is now counting.’

Legolas: ‘But Gandalf, not all the twelve are here.’

 ‘That is true Legolas, and we have been greatly troubled by this.  But the words say clearly that adding this ‘one possessed’, Gollum, would only occur if he would want the suppression of all evil.  We continue to search for him, but he is still beyond our reach.  In any case, we think it doubtful that he would denounce ‘his precious’ if he had any chance again of saving it from destruction, and therefore he would play no real part in this Quest.’

Faramir: ‘Gandalf, are we sure the words refer to Gollum.’

We can think of no other.  But we hope the Bands will provide us insight into this part of the words.

Boromir: ‘Then the time only starts with this one’s joining us.’

 ‘I sense not Boromir, as our time is driven also by the Dark Lord’s will.  I feel he is close to us.  His evil rails close, ever closer, and the screams of his Nazgûl I hear every day, and louder at each fall of dark.  We are in peril if we wait for the Twelfth to try to find the right path.   We have sought counsel from the Ancient One, Iarwain Ben Adar   Ù4.5 , and he agrees that we can wait no longer.  We need now to proceed with the remainder of the words.  The ones given voice by the Bands from each of us; expressions from deep within us that will answer and lead us onward.  They will emerge as The Light wills.  Are we all in readiness for me to utter the words as given by The Light?’

Gimli:  ‘Ready as ever I might be.  But I will say, it is easer for me to face the eyes of battle, than face the conjuring of these words.  But unless another wishes for it, delay no further on my behalf, Gandalf say the words!’

Éowyn: ‘I know what my voice will say, but I know not how it joins with those of others, and I tremble with anticipation for what revelations will appear.

Gandalf, I agree with Gimli, say the words so we may all know what The Light wishes us to do, together.’

Frodo: ‘Gandalf, all four of us from the Shire, agreed last eve, that we, who have little insight compared to others present here, would take our lead from you.   If you believe it is time, and we all have wisdom enough to hear; then we believe it should be done with the least delay.’

Aragorn: ‘It is not without some unease, as all you here have seen in me, that I face the outcome of what words may appear.  But I feel that we have been brought here to all contribute in a special way.  A wisdom borne from all our differences and strengths, and dare I say, also our weaknesses.  So I say to Frodo and our dear friends from the Shire, there is much wisdom in you all, and it is the combination of all we hold within us together, that will provide the answers we need.  I say Gandalf continue with our journey now.’

Gandalf:  ‘Boromir, Faramir – and Legolas, have you any words to say?’

Boromir: ‘Like Éowyn, I have heard what my voice has said, and a dread has overtaken me that I may be the bane in this Quest.  I say this openly to you all now, before the words from The Light are expressed.  Gandalf and Aragorn already know of my plight and foreboding, but have reassured me that all that comes is meant to be.’

Legolas: ‘Boromir, lament not about what might be said, for as Aragorn has told, it is all our strengths and weaknesses, and knowledge of these, that together will give us the answers we need.’ 

Boromir: ‘I wish, Legolas, that in my heart beyond any doubt I believed this so.  But let not my disquiet delay our purpose any further, say the words Gandalf - say the words.’

Gandalf:  ‘Mohgs si bipruaq Deqjpatt.’    

Light to conquer Darkness


So they called forth for all the words from The Light and their light to begin,

They came from the spirits of Eleven and all their visions within.


From Aragorn’s Band

I have feared not any battle, nor any foe I have faced,

But over the eons I have feared, the vast power in my reach,

For the misdeed of Isildur, stained my view of my renown,

And it was with huge dread, that I looked upon taking his crown.


But this qualm has long faded, as I embraced my fate as King,

Yet one other deed remains, I fear of which the words refer,

My assent of Arwen’s gift, has sat heavily on my heart,

I sense of things to be undone, this great sacrifice is marked.


From Éowyn’s Band

I have long felt a strong presence,

From the future and distant past,

A call from one who has suffered,

Appealing her base end recast.


A Queen in Tar-Ciryatan times,

Was pursued by the Evil One,

A Ring he offered her, and more,

If his Dark Queen she would become.


Likewise he offered great power,

To eight nobles of men renowned,

And while they all were persuaded,

All alone the Queen stood her ground.


Despite mastery and malice,

Within his promises, then threat,

She rejected his advances,

Enraged, her murder he did set.


With shrill spite he did then slay her,

Slaying all those who knew her too,

For he would not have her rebuff,

For another to know and do.


All her past he had abolished,

Erasing records of the land,

And in her stead he placed a King,

Who would not question his command.


Find the Queen and transform her end,

For in her deed lies The Light’s way,

To stand steadfast against The Dark,

And void forever its dark ray.


The Light answered

For answers to all doubts and forgotten lore,

The Lady and King, must journey to Gondor,

To search the Library of Minas Tirith,

For secrets lay hidden in the Great Books’ myths,

Here all will be revealed by the written word,

To bring forth a change to that which has occurred.



From Boromir’s Band

Great warrior I have been called, and many battles, won,

With such feats I became, Denethor the Second’s favourite son.

Chosen to journey, to the mystic lands of Elven myth,

Seeking answers and advantage for all Minas Tirith.


As I saw not the evil, in The One’s exploitation,

As Isildur before, I succumbed to its temptation.

In secret the Dark Wizard, beguiled a pact to be spun,

And this gave dark command, over my desire for The One.


I must seek from my Lord Steward, the truth about this pact,

For within it lies the meaning, of a corrupt contract,

And he in his madness then, did turn on his other son,

I must see, for my redemption, this baseness is undone.


At his end Denethor will see, the curse it has become,

And proudly he will bless Faramir, as rightful heir of Ecthelion.

Yet I sense Sauron seeks me, as the weak link in the Quest,

Once ‘the pact’ is understood, freed, I will meet any test.


From Faramir’s Band
There lingers a deep darkness, on the house of Denethor,

For through fear and desire, a base alliance was wrought,

With evil and deceit, the Dark Wizard made promise

Of power and line, to the troubled Lord of Gondor.


With my brother beside me, I must seek out this pact,

We must see its very making and all that was done.

With no jealousies between us, I protecting him,

We will through understanding, end this evil contract.


The Light answered

The brothers as one, to Gondor must travel,

To seek the pact, its secrets to unravel,

They must, the Dark Wizard and their father, see

Make the pact, and by this, in evil agree,

They must understand, ‘the eye’ they were under,

For this dark alliance to set asunder.


From where she sat, Éowyn yelled out into The Light:  ‘Gandalf!’

Aragorn sitting alongside her, exclaimed: ‘Éowyn, what troubles you?!   Gandalf, come quick!’

Gandalf: ‘Aragorn let me near Éowyn.  Aragorn take the others away for now!’’


Gandalf remained comforting Éowyn

Éowyn:  ‘Gandalf, do you hear it?  A trill, a voice soaring into the sky, with the sound of some instrument rising with it.  Ù4.3 Do you hear it?!’

‘Yes, far in the distance I hear music of...’

 ‘Such overwhelming sadness.  And with it, other voices, filtering in from the past.  But… also I now sense her pain.’

 ‘What pain? Éowyn, I sense no pain!’

 ‘The pain of a sword thrust, as if wielded through a body with such force that it passes through to the hilt….  I feel her sadness and suffering as if we were one!’

Éowyn: ‘The moment has now passed.  But Gandalf how will this all end?’    

‘Rest for now Éowyn.  There is a strong connection between you and this Queen.  The answers will come.  I will walk you to your chamber and return in a little time to see if you feel strong enough to face the others.  We must tell them something, but mention only the music…not the rest.’

 ‘Gandalf there is no need, for I am now quite recovered.  I need a little time and my own space, but I do not need you to accompany me.’

 ‘Nevertheless Éowyn I will walk with you.  We can return later.  Aragorn will see to the others.’


The others in an adjoining chamber.

Aragorn: ‘Gandalf perceived what Éowyn heard.  Did anyone else?  Or was it only I who failed in this hearing?’

They all replied:

‘Aragorn, I heard nothing.’

‘Nor I.’

‘Aragorn, what is happening?’ 

‘Why was Éowyn so wan?  Aragorn, what distressed her so?’

 ‘Hold your questions dear friends.  I am confident that both Gandalf and Éowyn will be returning shortly.  All will be explained then.’


Reunited, Gandalf explained: ‘So we come together again.  And although much stands still before us, it is important for all to hear of Éowyn’s experience.  Éowyn do you wish to speak on this, or do you wish me to recount what I can?

 ‘I am fine Gandalf, I can, will speak of the vision that came to me.  Though I was at first stricken, the moment has now passed, and all is well again.  I wish none to be concerned on my behalf.  For my experience testifies to the power of The Light.  For the music I heard is a sign of a connection needed for one part of the Quest to be completed.  This is the second time I have been visited by music beyond my time and imagination.  Melodies so beautiful, but filled with torment and sadness; calling me with words I did not then understand.  Gandalf has shared this vision with me.’

 ‘But not with the clarity that you have.’

‘Yet still, you heard!’

 ‘Yes, of a mournful melody that you have spoken.’

Gimli: ‘Éowyn, is there anything more you could speak of? ‘

‘Gimli, it was as if a voice reached out to me in pain, from a blackness and agony that I could not comprehend.   And while it sang, other voices joined in with deep emotion, cursing some monstrous wrong, but…’

The hobbits in unison: ‘But, But…  What Éowyn?’

 ‘In its sadness, it commenced as a soulful refrain, but then it grew to a piteous cry for freedom and justice.  It sung of destruction and desperation.  Yet in its discordant way, it spoke of hope and pleaded for some rescue - that things would be set right.’

Hobbits: ‘Éowyn, what of the Queen who reaches out to you…what did your hearing tell you of her?  What of the pain you sensed?   What of her doom?’

Gandalf: ‘I think Éowyn has answered enough for now.  Much will be revealed later.  We must now continue our revelations with some urgency.  For we must finish both hearing all the words and mapping our paths for the morrow, and we must do this by this end of night.    I call again upon The Ring of Light.’ 


The Light spoke

Éowyn hears her cry, reaching out from the past,

She awaits you Éowyn, and her end recast.

The Quest must with urgency the words resume,

To delay the words further, will risk dark doom,

Call forth The Light’s words, your power with them flows,

Time is now against you, for the Darkness grows.


Gandalf: ‘I call forth those words from those of The Light and the Quest: Mohgs si bipruaq Feqjpatt.    

Light to conquer Darkness


The Light resumed

Of all the Rings of Power, we must now speak   Ù4.4

Their existence and control, you must now seek

Though The One was destroyed, by the flames of Doom,

And with it, the Dark Lord, was thought then consumed,

Yet evil still lingers, while some Rings remain,

For it is their ‘being’, that sustains Dark’s reign.


From Legolas’s Band

Sixteen Rings of Power, the Mirdain jewel-smiths and Annatar forged,

With another three more powerful, cast by a great Elven-Lord.

But in the fires of Doom, One was created to enslave the rest,

For the Dark Lord bestowed on it, all the dark evil he possessed.

Over time, with trenchant treachery, brutal battles and cruel kings,

The Dark Lord recaptured and reclaimed all the sixteen Elven Rings.

Nine he offered to kings of mortal men, his cause they had professed,

Seven he gave to Dwarf-Lords, but the dwarves were not by them suppressed.

The three Elven Rings remained hidden, out of the Dark Lord’s base reach,

In strictest secrecy, Elrond, Galadriel and Gandalf, bore one each.

But unknown to the bearers, by baneful powers at his behest

Sauron was resurrected through these Rings, their force he coalesced.

Freely relinquished these Elven-Rings by the Quest must be employed,

If the Dark Lord and his evil, are forever to be destroyed.


From Gimli’s Band

Of the seven Rings of the Dwarf-Lords,

as told by old lore,

The fierce fires of Dark’s deadly dragons,

it said, consumed four.

While the three other Rings, the Dark Lord,

himself recovered,

But truth is, in the many tellings,

hard to discover.

Only the dwarf King of Khazad-dûm,

knows of the true lore,

So seek Thráin, as in secret he plans,

return to Erebor.

For to break the force that gives Sauron,

new life and cover,

All Rings that yet stand apart from him,

you must recover.


The Light answered

The Rings are bound as one, by their creation,

So for three plus one; seek their integration,

For the Dark Lord lives again, through their life force,

And he seeks to forever, control their course.

Gain more Rings than exist, in The Dark’s control,

All Rings your command, will answer as a whole.


Continue now, for Light’s wisdom must be sought,

From its words and visions, vast power is wrought,

The visions from the Shire-folk have much to tell,

Of what may be possible, within Light’s spell,

For their simple reckoning, will lead the way,

To a key concession, from The Light, to sway.


From Frodo’s Band

Treebeard, Ent of Fangorn,

Saw the hate and deceit

And the evilness born,

From Saruman’s base conceit.

With sorcery and greed,

And the trees of Isengard,

An army he did breed,

All The Light to bombard.

Forged in hate to begin,

All of Light’s upheaval,

Yet Treebeard and his kin,

Did drown all this evil.


From Sam’s Band

From, The Light which informs,

The members of the Quest,

Of their changed future forms,

Nothing could be accessed.

Yet Treebeard has remained,

Through space and time, ageless,

Beyond all who have reigned,

In the same form, changeless.

Thus by The Light’s own code,

All of Treebeard’s visions,

May the Quest be bestowed,

To make its decisions.

The Light answered

The Halflings’ reasoning is both sound and true,

Thus visions of Treebeard are open to you.

Look among the powers of evil and good,

And discoveries that in the future stood,

Only one may be used in Light’s final test,

To conquer the Dark Lord and all he possessed.


Now you must consider, who, as Twelfth, belongs,

In haste you must resume, for Sauron grows strong…


‘...the Dark Lord on his dark throne…’ Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings


The Dark Lord conceived in his mind

I sense

I sense

The Light

The Light moves against me

Moves with the power of those

Of those together.

I perceive

Their weakness binds them

Binds and unites their strength

Unites their search through space

Their search for secrets hidden in time.

I perceive

They call forth from the future

Call some power against The Dark

A power against those in Dark’s control

To control and undo what was done.

But they are too late!

The Rings fall within my control



All Rings will answer only to me

They are too late


Dark Lord commanded

‘Captain, what tidings are there? 

What tidings bring you to me?!’


The Light continued

….Sauron grows strong, ever closer to The Light

With powers near ready to inflict his blight

Linger not in his shadow, pursue Light’s thought,          

Time slips away, and now the Twelfth must be sought.


From Merry’s Band interwoven with that of Pippin

For the Quest to be made whole,

A twelfth member may be wrought,

If he, who The Dark possessed,

Seeks now The Dark to be fought.

To Doom we did journey west,

Led by Gollum and The One,

Through the darkness of Mordor,

To see all evil undone.

Across haunted Dead Marshes’ shore,

And along a secret path,

Past the hate of the Nazgûl,

And towards the Dark Lord’s wrath.


Plagued by his spirit’s dire duel, 

And with his hatred hidden,

Up Cirith Ungol’s black stair,

To Shelob we were driven.

Yet for Gollum, by this snare,

His treachery was revealed,

And his part and final fate,

In the Cracks of Doom were sealed.

But the old lore does relate,

That Sméagol of the Stoor strain,

Did not Dark’s corruption show,

Til upon The One he came.


For what Gollum must forgo,

To be the Twelfth of the Quest,

The Quest must take heedful store,

Of what Bilbo will attest.

For existing in new lore,

Are dark secrets inter-twined,

When Bilbo in the Mountain,

Came upon his wondrous find. 

Look for a dark secret’s bane,

Within Gollum’s obsession,

For truth and understanding,

Are bound by its possession.


The Light answered

Sméagol, it is true, to the Darkness did stray,

Gollum, more than known, has secrets to convey.

In old lore, by murder, he The One did steal,

In new lore, by search, a Jewel, did reveal,

His darkness driven by The One’s dark domain,

And the meaning of death, Iarwain will explain.


But forget not one other, who Dark possessed,

Who must be considered, as Twelfth of the Quest,

Once white and wise, but driven by evil‘s ways,

So that all which was good, was lost in Dark’s gaze.

Seek where the essence of wisdom was profaned,
In one who the Istari leadership attained.



From Gandalf’s Band

The Light refers of the Wizard Saruman,

In times, worlds past, he was both wise and free,

Transformed by pride, and Dark’s malignant plea,

He sought The One, by deceit and sly plan,

His rule he wished, all Middle-earth to span,

To this base end, he bred a vast army,

To slay all those, who fought his dark decree,

With hate and ire, his might this end began.


Yet by The Light, his plans, were cast aside

With angst he saw, his force and realm destroyed.

Seek out this man of skill, with his spent pride,

For should he now wish all The Dark denied

His powers may be by the Quest employed.

But heed Dark now has him with it reside.


The Light answered

All words from the Quest, have now fully been heard

They have spoken of what, in darkness occurred

The Quest must seek now, all answers and the key,

To five deeds and doubts that once happened to be.

In haste you must advance, for Sauron grows strong,

He lingers at Light’s edge, his dark to prolong.


The Dark Lord contemplated:

They search

They search

With Light’s power for answers

Answers to secrets hidden long ago

Secrets that give The Dark its command

Its command over The Light.

They come close                       

To the key to deeds

Deeds long ago decided

Decided by The Dark’s victory

Its victory over The Light.

They come close                       

To understand the doubts of men

Doubts which have haunted them

Haunted even their strongest

Their strongest made weak by their qualms.

But they are too late!

The Light will fall under my control



Light’s force will answer only to me.

They are too late!


The Dark Lord commanded:

Captain, what success have you to report? 

What success bring you to me?!


The Light concluded

Happened to be, but not always must be so,

For the future cries out, for changes to flow.

To flow across worlds, to end all of Dark’s sway,

When Dark’s foul deeds are forever cast away.


For The Light holds the key, to what is involved

To defeat the Darkness through five things resolved.

  • An Elf’s rejection of immortality
  • A mortal Queen’s sinister fatality
  • A pact made by a Dark Wizard and a Lord
  • Five Rings of Power to The Light be restored
  • Denial of evil by one once possessed

Resolving these five, will bring forth Dark’s conquest.


One further calling, has now been included,

The Quest may gain, with the future intruded.

One force or weapon, from future’s armory,

To be used by the Quest, against Dark’s army.

Great insight must be used, in what to attain,

Three from the Tree, this knowledge must seek and gain.


Yet the death of ‘a one’ cannot be undone,

But an aspect of this, may be overcome.

As you move across time, your time will stand still,

 And ‘a moment’ may be, transformed later at will.

Speak words of The Light, this moment to capture:

‘Sga Mohgs si gimf sgot lilaps op sola’    

The Light to hold this moment in time


One further command, remains to be given,

It relates to five Rings, that time has hidden,

By Dwarf, Elf and Wizard, four remain cherished.

These to the Quest, must be freely relinquished

And by Elf and Dwarf, in a coffer be borne.

The one from the Queen, to a future be sworn.


So now as Quest’s Board, comes closer to be set,

Eleven in friendship, have in The Light met,

One piece still remains, to be sought and tested,

Seek meaning from this one, though Dark infested.

Courage will be needed, with just wisdom forged,

If now all pieces, are to move in accord.


All Quest’s timing, needs to be warily fixed,

You may travel across time and in betwixt,

The wisdom of The Light, and the Quest’s vision,

Have set the when and where, that needs rescission,

But for those times and places, that must be crossed,

A sun and a moon, to the Quest will be lost.


Now one further boon, is granted to the Quest,

That thoughts may be transmitted, at your behest.

Transmitted to others, in far times and space,

By Bands which bind spirits, in Light’s golden grace.

Yet heed, in transmission, thoughts may be exposed,

To be captured by The Dark, and thus opposed.


The Quest now continues, under a grave risk

For the Dark Lord  lingers, near Light’s inner disk.

Interfere not, with the Halflings’ adventure,

Through Mordor to Doom, guided by the Creature,

Nor the way ends came, to Gollum and The One,

For to do may see, the Fellowship undone.


Now unless you convert, a Twelfth to the Quest,

There remains for the Quest’s cause, just ten days left.

All parts of the Board, together must now come,

For Dark forever, to finally succumb.

All details must now, be known only by one,

Only the Wizard must, know all to be done.


But know that for the five, that must be restored,

Look beyond ‘mortal lands’ , to seek the Light’s ford

You may call upon five of the ancient keys

Not told of in old lore or future cines

But from new lore such gifts brings the Quest its prime,  

May The Light that protects you, speed you through time.


Light’s aura disappeared.  The group was overcome.


Gandalf spoke: ‘So all the words have now been spoken.  The Board is being set, and through The Light we have uncovered our roles, our piece in the Quest.  We need with great urgency to finalise what must next be done.  Although I would like to straightway proceed, I see exhaustion in many eyes.  Come hobbits, we will find some refreshment.’

Merry (reflecting the feeling of the others): ‘Gandalf I do not understand most things, even the words that have seemingly come from me.’ 

Gimli: ‘And Gandalf, all that is said, must it be?!’

Gandalf:  ‘It must be!   Ù4.6  But worry not.  I sense we all feel somewhat as if a furious torrent has passed over us, and yet much understanding is still beyond us, and still to come.  Much has been revealed, much to advance our cause and hold Sauron at bay.   In good time, all will fall into place.’ 


The Dark Lord confirmed in his mind:

I hear

I hear

Words through the mantle of The Light

Words of the Wizard

The Wizard connected to me by ancestry

Ancestry from ancient Maiar times

My vision

Is obscured by a veil of The Light

The veil hides and protects them

Protects them now from Dark’s view

The Dark hindered by the Ancient One

My vision

As yet only of some words said

 Said and spoken of Light’s plans

Plans which been revealed to me

But as yet, revealed without their full meaning

They wait for ‘in good time’

In my time

In my time

Their ‘good time’ will be too late!


The Dark Lord commanded:

Captain, what have you uncovered? 

What meaning can you add to that which I have heard?!