PartII Chapter 1
The Meetings of those of The Light and those of The Dark


‘TROL languages’   Ù1       

From ages and lands, in the future far apart

They were called to bring forth, a new end and new start

To a world still prey, to the Dark Lord and evil

They sought to reverse, all of the Dark’s upheaval.

Ipa Bgepba si dopf sga sqipht, Ipa Bgepba si dohgs sgal,

Ipa Bgepha si nus sgopht qohgs epf op sga Mohgs uposa sgal.    

‘One Chance to find the wrongs, One Chance to fight them, One Chance to put things right and in The Light unite them.’
Written in honour of the immortal words of the Master, JRR Tolkien:
‘One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.



Gandalf felt her presence, and spoke into the night to her:  ‘Lew Sga Mohgs famoxaq wiu si tedasw – lew sga mohgs op wiu ennaeq!’    

May The Light deliver you to safety – may the light in you appear!

‘You have come.  Come at last, when time is so short.  Yes, I knew you would come, but feared the delay.  Feared you could not overcome the doubt and find your place, your way.  Come Éowyn – come into The Light.  We are waiting.  We have been waiting for you to make us complete.  Step into The Light, Éowyn.’

And in his thoughts he spoke to himself: ‘Across time my hands have reached out for you.  But your spirit flew ever further into the future and I could not be sure if I had touched you – touched you in time.’

Calling her once more: ‘Come Éowyn, we must make haste, but one task left there is for you to complete.  Éowyn, Éowyn, do not doubt now, do not despair for what lies ahead and must be dark behind.’

She heard and answered:The words come to me as breaths from some great void.  I feel them like faint droplets, raining down on my being.  Who are you that beckons me?  Who and where are you?  Who pulls me from the shadows into The Light?’

He responded:  ‘Use the light that is inside you, let it shine Éowyn.  Do not waver; we are here; there is only one more step to take.  My hands are outstretched to you, only you must say the words.  Question no further, feel the words, Éowyn.  Say the words!’

Breathless, she replied: ‘The words, I feel the words, but all dark is behind me. I fear it is trying to engulf me.  I hear your gentle voice, dear soul.  I feel you pull me towards The Light.


Through time I have travelled,

Through darkness I have despaired,

No surety of where to go,

But knowing you are there.


I feel your goodness, kind voice,

I feel the goodness in you ahead,

I feel no doubt remains within,

But evil in the dark behind instead.


I come to make the Quest complete,

I come to put things right,

I come to undo what goodness did not know,

Would survive the last great blight.’


Reassured, Gandalf acknowledged her: ‘Ah Éowyn, it is truly you then.’

Éowyn: ‘I feel your deep sigh and relief, kind spirit.’

 ‘Good Éowyn then step forward with your hope and determination.  They will light the way to us.  Your courage and confidence Éowyn will guide you to us. The time is short.’

Éowyn felt the pull of another: ‘I see you not against The Light, but know that you are where my journey must take me.   I feel a light inside me – it soars from within me, and flows to The Light ahead.  I hear and fear the darkness behind me as it growls.  I feel it reaching for me, but my light, my light and The Light before me are now one.  I will be safe. I will be safe at last!


On an alternate parallel:

‘...the Dark Lord on his dark throne…’ Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings

The Dark Lord growled: ‘You are not safe yet
maiden of Rohan.  I wait to send you back in time, back to the darkness, to break this Ring of Light.  You will not escape.  Your doubt will send you back to me.  I await youI await your weakness.’ 


Éowyn felt him: ‘I feel the hiss of hate behind me, as once I heard the howl of the Great Nazgûl before me in the Fields of Pelennor.  I will not, as then, cower to this evilI see the veil of The Light ahead, welcoming me.  But I must first face the darkness behind, so to this darkness I declare.

She yelled into the darkness:  ‘Go back to nothingness Great Lord of Evil, you will not find life again here.  I will not be overcome by your venom and malice.  Friends stand waiting for me.  I am not yours!  I come to undo what goodness thought once right, and to see that you stay vanquished forever!’


The Dark Lord roared back at her: ‘I understand not the riddle of your words, maiden of Rohan.    Go to your friends, but mark my words, I need you not now.  You will feel more than the hiss of my hate soon enough.  Ceak edn Wukrnojj diqq yenjapo cea unw zkinv cea he po.’    

Your own darkness will consume you and bring you to me.

Gandalf heard their fray, and beseeched her: ‘Éowyn, quick, walk to us through the veil of The Light, we have all come to change the end.  Danger lurks in the darkness into which you shout.  We are not yet ready to face that evil again.  Let not your courage play into his hands.  We have much yet to do.’

 ‘Yes, friend of The Light, I must not let my anger swell so that I do not see what is right to attempt.  I am with you now.  Could it be?  I feel your presence, and now see your form, dear Gandalf!  I hoped that it was you who called me.’

 ‘Fair Lady, my hands stretched across time for you, but your spirit had travelled far, and I feared that my force would not reach you in time.  But you are here, the last to come.  We are complete… or so; complete enough for our Quest.’

 ‘The last to come, but the others; who, where are they?

 ‘They are all here. See now.  Merry and Pippin do not crowd Éowyn.  Give her some space.’  

And Merry rushed to her side: ‘Dear Lady Éowyn, it is wonderful to be with you once more…’

With Pippin close behind: ‘It is a grand day that we meet again my Lady; for Gandalf was gravely worried that you lay beyond his reach.’

Gandalf pushed passed the hobbits to take her hand:  ‘Now you two, let Éowyn meet the others.’

Éowyn looked around and saw the others: ‘It is so good to see you all.  How it brings fond memories when we felt the battle against the Dark Lord won.  And Merry and Pippin, why I think you have grown even more.  Dear Gimli, and Legolas, and Frodo and Sam, and Faramir... and Aragorn.  What strange circumstance brings us again together so.’


In the Dark Lord’s realm, he addressed his captain:
Hto Dukrnojj he yenlaok uqq.    

The Darkness to conquer all.

 Tell me Captain, what of those that meet within The Light.

 ‘We have none of them to fear Great Lord.  They are riddled with weakness, and they have no sight to see into the future.  Their failures of yester-year they are doomed to repeat.  We have no reason to fear them now my Lord.  Time is too late for them.’

 ‘Yet I fear them nevertheless.  Until we can break this Ring of Light, their weakness together may mean strength, and peril for us.   But we have time on our side.    You are right my Captain, my loyal deputy, we can wait.  Go to the Lieutenant and inform him that the maiden from Rohan has arrived, as foreseen.   Ask him if he has uncovered the secret of The Light!   And find the Master Mirdain.  I need to discuss his progress with the Rings.’

Then deliberating further:  ‘But hold Captain; do not take your leave just yet.  I need captured the wretched Stoor Creature who was possessed by ‘his precious’.  I know not exactly what this Ring of Light means, but he was once part of the destruction of The One.   They may yet need him, and it would be to our advantage to have him out of their reach.   And find the Wizard of Isengard.   He knows the White Wizard well, and although the White has grown in strength over time, the Dark Wizard’s understanding may be useful still.   I do not trust him, for he would have taken The One for himself if he could.   Yet, he is of no threat to me now.   For I know this of him and he knows that I know.’  


Gandalf answered her: ‘Yes Éowyn, strange circumstances indeed.  These will be made clear to you later.  But for now, you do not know Boromir, Faramir’s brother, as he fell before the great battle.’

Boromir bowed deeply: ‘Welcome Lady Éowyn, sister from Rohan.  It is good that you are here at last.  I have heard of your courage against the Lord of the Nazgûl in the fields of Pelennor.  I wish my actions had not prevented me from being part of this final battle against the Dark Lord.’

Aragorn stepped forward: ‘Boromir, feel no such remorse.  You fought without fear against impossible odds in the absence of us at your side.  If you had not shown your mighty valor at that time, then who knows how things would have turned. Your battle horn rang out as true, as did you.   We have been called again together here, and I sense you will have the time to show once more your true mettle.  But for now I bow and welcome the Lady Éowyn.’

 ‘No, my King, it is I who bow to you.  Is not Arwen here?’

 ‘Arwen is not amongst us here, Gandalf has called together only those directly involved in the destruction of The One.  And I … our lives over the eons have travelled different paths.  I cannot see these, and know not where she is.’

Gandalf responded: ‘Éowyn, only those whose hands played a part in the destruction of The Onehave been brought within.’

She answered: ‘But I did not do so.’

 ‘But you slew the Lord of the Nazgûl as only you could have done.   Your part will become clearer, when we meet to discuss our course.  But first, as hobbits are well to remind us, we must celebrate our reunion with food and drink.  But we cannot tarry too long for there is much to do.  Dear hobbits go to the next chamber and find the refreshments. Bring them prepared when you are ready, I will come presently to help you 

And Gandalf added: ‘Come let us sit together while the hobbits are busy with their preparations.  I can start to explain.  Here there is no fear of our words being overheard by the evil that lingers close.  The Light of the Elendil star that shines upon our Quest, has bestowed this protection.  As sure of this as anything I am; we are for now safe and free to talk, sheltered from evil by this magic ray.  But for what I have to say, there is much that will be difficult to understand until the whole is told, and it must never be repeated outside this Light, for beyond, nothing is safe.’

Éowyn took his hand and said: ‘Gandalf, wise Wizard, you shake and look wan.  I have never seen this in you before.’

‘No, fair Lady, for rarely have I ever felt such terror in my tidings.  I did not want the hobbits to hear this now.  Which is my reason to distract them with other things.  I wish I could have spared them this, but only The Ring of Light completed can hope to fulfill this task.’  


Gandalf saw Frodo: ‘Ah, I see Frodo has returned and is looking this way, he knows me too well – but good, he has now retreated again.  I will have to tell him what he must know soon enough, but I will put this off as long as I can.  He has suffered too much already and I know how deeply his spirit was tested and scored.  But, I linger on this too long.   I will not hide from you anything that I know that I may tell you.  But there are things I have been sworn only to know.  So I ask your pardon if not everything will be revealed of the how you came here, for now at least.   Aragorn and I have already spoken about our purpose, for he was the first I called for out of time.  But where to begin?  I will start with the ‘flawed goodness’.  Legolas, I see amazement and concern on your brow.’

 ‘I do not question your wisdom or your words, Gandalf, but what do you mean by ‘flawed goodness’?’

Then Gimli added: ‘I also do not understand, Gandalf.  Are you saying that goodness can be flawed?  Surely not!  We dwarves know that goodness is goodness.  It is not flawed; otherwise it cannot be truly good.’

Gandalf shook his head in concern:  ‘As I foretold, some things would be difficult to understand…’

Boromir interjected: ‘I can see your meaning Gandalf.  Sometimes goodness can be veiled by time, intent or outcome.  Goodness to some, or at some time, is not goodness to another or another time… or in another light…’

 ‘Yes, Boromir, that is the essence of the meaning, but I will explain further the relevance to us here.  Aragorn, if I falter in my words, please add yours.  It is difficult for me to keep in mind all that needs to, and must, be told.’


Gandalf could see a perplexed Éowyn: ‘Before you say anything Éowyn, I know that is not how you remember me from our time in the Third Age, but these are times of great peril and uncertainty.   But I digress again, and there is not time to do so.  Simply put, we destroyed The One Ring of Power, and with it we thought this would destroy all evil.  We all here contributed to this in some significant way.  We did this at huge cost, and for Boromir, to brook the ultimate price.  But there were many good souls who died along the way to see this done.  And we hoped that out of their sacrifice we would rebuild the world and all share in the peace that would come.  That we did.  Yet, in days only, if we measure all of time. For while we all lived in our Third Age, peace was restored.  Man, elves, hobbits and dwarves lived in friendship in our days.  In those days.  We have all long ago moved through time to other times, to other lives, and peace is not there.’

 ‘Gandalf, what are you saying?  I know I have travelled, travelled long, but I cannot remember another life.’

Legolas agreed: ‘Nor can I.’

 And Gimli: ‘Certainly nor I.  I stand here as a dwarf, from the House of Durin of the Third Age.’

Aragorn came to Gandalf’s rescue: ‘Dear friends, I plead for your patience.  Give Gandalf time to explain.  I know when he first told me of this, and more that you have yet to know, I also could not believe the words at first.  But I have now had time to absorb his meaning.  Give Gandalf time to explain what he can.’

Thank you Aragorn.  Boromir, I feel in your quietness that you understand.’

‘Your meaning is simpler for me to grasp.  I fell in battle at Amon Hen, and yet here I am with you all.  I am testimony that some mighty force has intervened in bringing us together, and has made it so.’

To which Gimli added: ‘Yes, Boromir, certainly we understand that your appearance, alive and well, requires powerful conjuring.  But Gandalf is saying that we all come from other times, which we all; I say from our responses, remember naught.’

Gandalf hesitated, concerned about he was asking his friends from another world and time to accept: ‘That is because that is what it had to be.  This is not of my making or my desire.  For in our travels we would have with us extraordinary knowledge and tools by which we could smite the Lord of Darkness here and now – and forever.  But this was a provision in making The Ring of Light that nothing from our lives in future times could travel with us here.’

Gimli tried to understand, but could contain himself no longer: ‘Apology Gandalf, but what would you have us believe!’

And Legolas concurred, and in worried tone spoke: ‘Gandalf, I too fear the meaning of your words, for they speak of grave devilry.  Even in the realm of the elves and lands beyond where formidable sorcery is known, to bring souls from the future, there is immense danger here.’

‘You are correct Legolas, there is danger.  Not devilry as you might fear, but awing magic and science.  We must be aware of the sword-edge on which we stand, but there was no alternative.  A Council of eminent minds from the realms of Middle-earth and beyond, thought deeply about what needed to be done.’

Éowyn added: ‘I fear like Legolas that we may have knocked on evil’s door in all of this.  But Gandalf, I trust in your wisdom and advice, please tell us all that you can.’

Pausing in thought of how best to explain, Gandalf replied: ‘Friends, you must believe that it is with a heavy heart that I show you this path, and that part in which it has been deemed you play.  But there is no choice in this.  Although it is up to us how this may progress, because, as we have been reminded by many here, there is much danger, but much is yet to be decided.’

Faramir was prompted by this to ask: ‘Gandalf, I wish not to delay you, but one question, the answer of which will ease my mind.  You speak of august counsel in the determination of this path; were all of this Council in agreement?  Was there unison in their minds?’

‘Faramir, it would not be true to say that this path sprung initially from total agreement of all of the Council.  And much debate, furious and passionate, was part of these discussions.  But in the end, no other plan was found.  So in honesty, in unison this plan was finally forged with agreement from those representing the kingdoms of man.’

 ‘I am satisfied then.  I know not all the story, Gandalf, for I am sure there is more, but I trust your wisdom and this Council, and give my allegiance to this mission.’

Gimli was not: ‘And so you might Faramir, if your Lords willed it so.  You all know me, my axe is ready and I am willing to face certain death, but I cannot give my allegiance so lightly – without knowing all.’

Gandalf added:  ‘And so you should be cautious Gimli.’

‘Cautious, cautious, Gandalf, when have I ever been cautious, do not insult me so!’

Aragorn jumped to Gandalf’s defence: ‘Gimli, Gandalf meant no insult.’

Gandalf conceded: ‘No Gimli, my intention was not so.  I meant that I understood your disquiet, and wish to allay your concerns.   I should have made this clear to all in answering Faramir’s question.  That this is not a mission set by man for all others, but one in which all leaders of our world, of man, dwarf and elf, have agonised and deemed so.’


‘Well Gandalf that changes much.  But I still wish to hear all that you can tell us now.  But my allegiance is given, as always I stand with man and elf against The Dark.’


The Hobbits returned to the room.

Aragorn saw them and whispered to Gandalf: ‘Gandalf, the hobbits have returned.  They have heard this argument, and are looking this way.  You had better not delay in making them aware.  You cannot protect them by keeping them from the truth.’

 ‘Yes Aragon, you are right, but I wish it was not so.  I will go off with them and tell them gently, more gently than I have with the others what the others now know.  My words have not explained this well.  Aragon, speak to the others while I go with the hobbits to finalise our food; make it right as best you can.’

Gandalf excused himself, left the others and went to speak to the hobbits. 


As he walked over to them Frodo asked: ‘Gandalf, we heard raised voices amongst friends.  We know you are keeping something from us.  I want to know what you spoke of to the others that caused such a wrangle!’

Merry and Pippin chimed in: ‘And me.’  ‘And me too.’

Smiling, Gandalf said: ‘And I suppose you too Samwise Gamgee.’

 ‘Yes, Gandalf, we all want, need to know.  We knew you were up to something.  Mr Frodo said it was clear.  That is why you sent us for the food and drink, out of range of the big folk talking.  But Gandalf, we have proved that hobbits are of strong stuff, you have said that yourself.  You must let us in on all that has been spoken to the others.’

Frodo added: ‘Yes Gandalf, and we will sense if anything is hidden.  We do not need protecting from the truth, no matter how base.  Nothing could be as terrible as Sam’s and my flight into Mordor.’

Gandalf nodded in agreement: ‘How I have again underestimated you all, your strength and common wisdom.’

Pippin chimed in: ‘And courage!’

 ‘Yes Pippin, great courage too.  Aragon will be settling down the others while I tell you what I can, as I know it and as I may tell it to you.  Then we will return to the others to discuss what we can, what we must do.’

Gandalf spoke to them, telling them all that he had to the others.  With few questions they accepted his words, and the five returned to the others, who were deep in conversation.


Gandalf addressed them all: ‘We are all again together, and know most part of what can be told for now.  From our discussion, Frodo has put it better than I did, and could.   Frodo, please give the others your measure of where we are in this matter.’

 ‘Gandalf, I am not sure if I am worthy of such a task, but we hobbits see the matter as this; and it is not without some dread that I say this, although I can use only simple words to do so.  The One Ring was destroyed.  Sauron and all his evil, we thought, were also destroyed.   We all felt this as Mount Doom, with all of Mordor, plunged into the dark abyss.   Then we found the evil of Saruman scouring our Shire, but with our victory, we thought peace had finally come to all our world and time. But hidden from our view, the darkness re-emerged.  Something that we did, or was done or not done, let the Dark Lord and his evil free to find life again.  For each of us, in our own way and as properly would want to be, passed into other times and worlds.  Times and worlds, which we cannot now know.   And Gandalf has, by some means, which we do not understand, brought us together again.  For somehow we must play a part in seeking this thing, done or left undone, to put right forever the destruction of evil.   Is that right Gandalf, have I explained all correctly?’

Merry added: ‘Frodo, you forgot the bit about The Light providing the Quest, as it is so called, with special protection.’

And Pippin joined in with: ‘And special powers to fight those of the Dark Lord.’

To which Gandalf replied: ‘You have all explained it well.  Foolish it was of me when I hesitated to tell you all, clever hobbits.’

Horrified Sam blurted: ‘No Gandalf, don’t say ‘clever hobbits’ in that way.  For those words ring in my ears from the mouth of Gollum, I see and feel him still.’

 ‘Sam, you need not worry about Gollum, for he is gone from sight.  Ù2.1 I do not believe that there was anything of him to move to another time, being consumed as he was by the fires of Doom.’

Frodo gasped: ‘Gandalf does that mean that you found us all across time, but you found no trace of Gollum?’

 ‘Yes Frodo. I thought Gollum may have had a role to play in this Quest, as he did, in the destruction of The OneBut he was nowhere to be found.  I can only assume that he perished into nothingness, consumed by his ‘precious’ and the fire.’  

Legolas commented: ‘I sense Gandalf your concern about this consequence.’

There is concern that not all the pieces have been put together, and for my part, I am trying other means to find him.  But we have here all the players that the Council believes we need, and we have little time to pursue him further.’

Sam and Frodo responded: ‘For my part Gandalf, I am pleased he is not here.  My flesh crawls just to think of him now, let alone if he was here and part of this new quest.’

 ‘I agree with Sam.   For while with surety we would not have found our way to Mount Doom without him, yet Gollum was so consumed with the darkness of his ‘precious’, despite all, one could not put any trust in him.’

‘Ah, but Frodo, as we have discussed many a time, if Gollum had not taken The One from you, suffer as you had to, who knows what might have been in the end.’

 ‘It is true in the end, The One was destroyed, because Gollum took it from me and fell with it into the Cracks of Doom.  But not for one moment could he be trusted to care for anything other than his ‘precious’.  In the end, I felt no glimmer of hope for him to be trusted in any other regard.’

To which Faramir added: ‘I agree, having seen the creature.  I cannot believe that such evil and foulness could have a part to play in this new quest.’

‘But his evilness and deceit formed only part of his being, but, as you say, it was what he had become, and one to be feared.  But let us not talk any further of Gollum.  If he cannot be found; he cannot be found.  We will do without him, whatever his part might have been.’

Sam relieved agreed: ‘I for one am glad that we speak no further of him.’

Gandalf countered with: ‘But there are other dark matters that must be spoken of today.  Of major import relates to the world where Éowyn lay.  But I ask you not to press me on this matter any further than I am permitted now to speak.  What I can say, is that in my search for you all, Éowyn was furthest from sight.  And there were times when I thought that Éowyn had gone beyond my control, and that was nearly so.’

Gimli: ‘But she did not, for here the fair maiden sits.’

 ‘Yes Gimli, but it was nearly not so, because…’

Merry: ‘Because why Gandalf?

 ‘Because in her world I had no real power…’

Frodo: ‘No power, could that be possible?  For Gandalf, your powers are great, and greater even when you became the White.’

‘No power, because in her world no Wizard resides.’

 Legolas exclaimed: ‘No Wizard!

 ‘No elf, no dwarf as we know them, and no hobbit…only men…’

Gimli could restrain himself no further: ‘Are you saying Gandalf that only man remains. That nothing exists of the others standing here together.’

 ‘Yes, whatever happened to get to Éowyn’s time, most distant from where we stand, nothing remained of…’

Sam: ‘Us all, wizards, hobbits, elves and dwarves! ‘


Legolas questioned: ‘But Gandalf the elves may not reside with men.  As occurred in Middle-earth in our times, they had sought refuge across the sea to…’

 ‘Legolas, no elf anywhere in her time!’

 ‘If that be so, then grievous misfortune has fallen upon the peoples of that time, for men…’

Aragorn: ‘It is as I had always feared; men have survived, but not together with their friends and allies of our times.  It was men who were weak and became the base-servants of Sauron, as in the villainy of the nine Nazgûl.  And this evil seems to have passed into the future at the cost of elf, dwarf, hobbit and others that man befriended in Middle-earth.  But Gandalf, what of the other creatures, the orcs, the Nazgûl, and other foul servants of the Dark, were they in Éowyn’s time?’

‘Aragorn, I saw no such creatures, but I felt the evil in other forms.’

 ‘In men?’

 ‘Yes in men.  Sinister and widespread.  But I can say no more of this now.’

Faramir: ‘Then Gandalf, if we ultimately alter what happened in our Middle-earth days, then this might mean, that whatever evil smote elves and others in the future, might be over-turned?’

 ‘Yes Faramir, it is one consequence.  But even the learned minds of the Council could not, would not, say with certainty.’

Éowyn interjected: ‘Pardon Gandalf, but what do you say?’

 ‘I say that we know that evil was not destroyed that day when the Lord of Darkness and his land of Barad-dûr, crumbled and was engulfed by the fires of Doom.  We know now that we must try to see his final end, if it is within our powers, or any powers, to do so.  That is what we know.  If this brings changes to the future so that will see all members of our peoples go into time forever, then that would be of great good – but there is no certainty in this.’

Boromir: ‘And if what we do now, changes things to the worse, is this possible also Gandalf?’

 ‘In truth Boromir, right now I cannot say.  All I can say is that from what I sensed from Éowyn’s day, nothing much could go worse.  But we must think carefully of every step, every step and its consequence.’

: ‘You are right Gandalf, to think that dwarves, wizards, elves and hobbits would no longer exist in any world, is beyond all reason.  This plight must be fought against at all cost.’

‘But Gandalf, Gandalf...’

 ‘Yes Frodo.’

 ‘This could not mean that we change things, such that The One does not get destroyed.  We are not thinking of Sam and me, with or without Gollum, should he be found, venturing into Mordor again as it was.  Surely this could not be within anyone’s thinking.’

Sam: ‘I fear we could not do that again.’

‘Let us not linger on these questions and thoughts now, for we have not eaten, and the food and drink beckons us.  The hobbits have gone to much trouble to prepare this for us.’

Pippin: ‘Yes, our reputation would be tarnished if we did not move quickly to the pleasure of food and golden ale.’

‘We have had enough thinking for the now.  You have all a great deal to absorb – and I know much catching up with Éowyn and others.  Pippin where is that fine weed?  Find it so that we can talk further with relaxed minds.’


Aragorn in an aside to Gandalf:  ‘Gandalf, your answer to Frodo and Sam, I sense your guardedness – and that you will not want this raised again now. ‘

 ‘You are correct Aragorn.  Quiet for now, we can face this when we must. ‘

 ‘I understand, but we must…’

 ‘Yes, in good time.’


With fine weed and refreshments, Gandalf charged: ‘Pass the jug Merry; I want to toast our friends and our purpose.  On the eve of the battle for Gondor, I sensed that The Board was set and the pieces moving as designed.  Our purpose now is to rearrange this Board and its pieces, so that the Dark Lord will be defeated, not by the blade of the sword, as he was once, but by the friendship and wisdom that exists within us - all together.  Si emm sgita id sga Qoph id Mohgs – Tqusg epf Subbatt!’

 ‘Si emm… Aragorn what does that mean?’

 ‘It means Merry, ‘To all those of The Ring of Light – Truth and Success’.

‘To truth and success – and may The Light give us the greatest of powers to smite the Dark Lord forever!’


Taking Gimli and Legolas aside, Gandalf muttered: ‘Gimli and Legolas, may I speak to you over here.’ 


Then separately to Frodo and Sam: ‘Frodo and Sam, I have a task for you both.’


Aragorn, Merry and Pippin were sitting together, Aragorn confirming: ‘Merry and Pippin, we all felt that the odds were against the Fellowship, but some mighty force came to our aid.  I am confident that this will not forsake us this time.  We are more confident now because we know we have conquered the Dark Lord before.  We have felt victory, and he has felt defeat.  That must stand our purpose in good stead.’

Merry replied: ‘You always have a way of making me feel safe, or at least safer, Aragorn.’

Éowyn, passing overhead, and responded: ‘My pardon for coming in on your discussion, but I agree Merry.  We are all thankful for the existence of Aragorn, as a noble warrior and leader.’

 ‘Dear Lady, you embarrass me with your kind praise.’

 ‘I give it not lightly, for I have met few men with both courage and grace, but then Aragorn, you know the nature of my regard for you.  But we had better join Gandalf as he motions for us to return to him.  Come Merry and Pippin give me your hands, that is if you can manage without that brew.’

Merry: ‘My dear Lady, your hand is always much more desirable to me than any ale, for I remember how it protected me through the terrifying battle.  I have never been able to find the words that could express my admiration properly, but taking your lead, I will say you have the greatest courage and grace, and all know how rare that is in men… and women.’

 ‘Well said Merry.  But come now and let us join the others.  Where are Frodo and Sam?’

 ‘I saw them disappear to another chamber, I believe on an errand for Gandalf.   Ah, but there, they have returned and are walking over to him.’


Gandalf bringing the two groups together, declared: ‘Dear friends, Gimli and Legolas have left us to check the outer reaches of The Light; but they know what I have now to say.  I have asked Frodo and Sam to bring us a powerful gift we have from the Council.  We must live within The Ring of Light until our plans are complete.  This Light is our protector, no evil can penetrate it, but it means that our concept of night and day will have no meaning here.’

 ‘Gandalf, compared to the darkness that Sam and I had to travel through to Mordor, this is a real blessing.’

Sam added: ‘There was many a time, when light, any light, was something we both prayed for.  And when in the Shelob’s Lair, if it was not for the Phial of Galadriel, Mr Frodo and I would surely have perished, and along with us, the hope of destroying The One.’

 ‘Yes Frodo and Sam, the light from the Elendil Star then, as now, is one of our greatest gifts.  A power from Galadriel, without which, nothing could protect us from the Dark Lord’s gaze.  But we cannot stay together this way, and our purpose will verily lead us along different paths.  The Star cannot protect all of us in these travels, so, we have been provided with two mystic legacies of The Light.  One force of which I speak, Frodo and Sam have in the casket they now hold.    Lew si sgita yosgop sga Qoph id Mohgs emm eptyaqt ca qaxaemaf!    

May for those within The Ring of Light all answers be revealed

The casket is opening!

 ‘Sam, stand back – otherwise you might be blinded by The Light.  Nqisabs sgita haqa dqil emm axom awat    

Protect those here from all evil eyes.

  See theBands of Elendil.’

Frodo exclaimed: ‘The Bands of Elendil?’

Gandalf quickly explained: ‘These bands are far more powerful than the phial of light given to Frodo.  The bands are part of the light force of Galadriel.  But they are of such power, for there is one for each of you, that you must understand clearly the force that they wield.’

Boromir commented, then Faramir:

 ‘Gandalf, you say this in an ominous tone.’

 ‘And, I fear sometimes in men there is not the strength to accept such elven power.’

Pippin added:  ‘For my part, I feel sometimes hobbits are driven to do unwise things, as I did with the Seeing Stone.  Gandalf, I fear that I may not be wise enough to hold such power.’

With Aragorn commenting:  ‘We all have our own weaknesses Pippin, and we all fear these, but we also have strength guided by forces unknown to us.  And as Gandalf so rightly said your looking into the palantir was ultimately to our advantage.’

To which Frodo added: ‘But surely Gandalf, the Council would not have entrusted us with this power if they did not believe each of us would be able to carry it to our purpose.’

‘Very wise Frodo, if only everyone could be so sure of this.  This was a matter of exhaustive debate in the Council.  Nevertheless they foresaw that we could not stand against the Dark Lord without this force, and they had trust in us, as we will need to trust one another.  This was their offer to us, and it is our first task to accept this.’

Sam: ‘I am not sure that this makes me less fearful, Gandalf, but if everyone has trust in me, then I surely have trust in everyone else.’

 ‘Good Sam.  Then, we start on solid ground, but this is only the start.  I need to explain the power of the Elendil Band.   Unlike the phial, it must be placed on your body, around one’s neck.  Once there, it will sense its wearer and will belong to that person alone.’

 ‘Gandalf, does that mean it can’t come off, ever?’

 ‘No Merry.  But it means, if it should come or be taken off, then no-one else may claim its force.  This is a safeguard, should one fall into the hands of the Dark Lord, he will not, they say, be able to wield its power.’

 ‘That sounds reassuring – I suppose...’

 ‘But it also means that no-one else of this Quest can use it.  Only the one whose spirit it first bonds to.’

Éowyn and Boromir asked: ‘Spirit, Gandalf what do you mean by spirit? I thought this was a special ray to light our path.’

‘Gandalf, what is this elven magic?   What powers does it command?’

 ‘You are all right to question so, for I have much still to say on its powers.  The band has the power of light; and when things become dark in place or mind, it will give the rightful owner both light from within and beyond.  But it does much more.  It provides the bearer with insight into himself, such that it brings knowledge of one’s being.  This power is not without its drawback in terms of surety of self.   For if one asks it, it will provide insight into the bearer’s own weaknesses; of even those weaknesses which he may not be aware.  But one must ask it.’

 ‘Ask it…how?’

 ‘By merely thinking the question, Merry, but honestly so!’

 ‘This is truly an astounding power, and I am fearful of it.  Many of us here are not ready to know such things.  And how, Gandalf, does this insight help us in our Quest?’

 ‘Boromir, fear it and yourself not so.  But the answer to your question is the core to our purpose.  And this is from the combined wisdom of the Council of elf, man, dwarf and wizard, far beyond my perception.  So I present it to you as it was presented to me by Iarwain Ben-adar, but I beg your patience until all has been revealed about the powers of this Light.  As we have all spoken, the battles of Rohan and Gondor defeated the Dark Lord.  This was done by a combined force of elves, man, dwarves and hobbits...’

 ‘And Wizard, the Great Gandalf!’

 ‘Thank you Pippin, yes, I had a part in this.  But we know that evil still continued to exist following a short respite in our world.  Something done or not done by all those involved, allowed The Dark this chance.  We need to uncover this missing piece, this cause.  It was thought, that those of us here, being so part of the Third Age victory, would best be able to discover this.  The power of the Elendil Band will provide us insight into whatever must be done, and how. I see you are all quiet, does no-one wish to say anything?  Aragorn?’

 ‘I see in all your eyes, the misgiving I first felt when Gandalf told me of these things.  My first concern was that it might have been what I had done or not done that gave evil its further life.  But linger not on these issues friends, for it is not guilt that we need now.  We have all suffered because we wish we were otherwise, stronger, wiser.  These things, in many ways, have not been within us to change.   But we must find what is – and what must happen.  The Elendil Band pledges us insight beyond our normal powers.  For we need now together, as we once stood and fought the battles against the Dark Lord, to conquer one of understanding.  Sauron sits just beyond The Light and Gandalf and I have reasoned that he would be thinking we wished to face him again through the spear and the sword.  But that is not the battle we need now to fight.  We need to find what part of his destruction in the land of Mordor, allowed him and his evil to live on.’

 ‘Thank you Aragorn, I will give each one this gift.  It will be your choice how and when to use the power of insight it offers.  It has many powers, for wherever you travel it will protect you from the Dark Lord’s gaze.   And beyond this, it will bind all those of this Quest together and give each, as Frodo and Sam found with Phial of Galadriel, light when all other lights have failed.’

Éowyn: ‘For my part, Gandalf, my original quietness resulted from my amazement of the power of this gift.  I fear not what may be found from my part, if it will help us put a final end to the Dark Lord and his evil.’ 

Faramir: ‘I agree with Éowyn.  Hearing what you and Aragon have explained, it is with deep regard that I accept this gift from the Council.  I can see no evil arising from its power, for we should not fear any insight it provides.’

Frodo, Merry and Sam added:

‘Surely with the darkness we have faced, this band is but a powerful tool.’

‘Let us not hesitate…

‘If I had been told of this by anyone other than Gandalf and Aragorn, I would think this the Dark Lord’s devilry, but I trust your wisdom more than my simple reasoning.’

Boromir: ‘I would rather face a hundred orcs, than a thing such as this I do not fully understand.  But if it holds what we need to conquer The Dark one final time, and all others agree that it is right, then I will be part of this.’

Gandalf smiled, they were all the honourable and courageous souls he cherished on Middle-earth: ‘Thank you for your trust.  I know this is not an easy thing to embrace, but we do not need to do anything further now.  Although the time is short, on the morrow, we can talk again.’

Legolas and Gimli appeared.

 ‘Gimli and Legolas, you have returned – what news have you?’

They reported:

‘All holds sound.   I hear you discuss the Elendil Band.  Legolas and I have spoken of little else while we were gone.  And although it will be strange to hear a dwarf thus concur with anything elvish, I say, let us not tarry.  If this will provide a chance of smiting forever Sauron’s savagery, then I say let’s do it!’

 ‘Boundless courage in spirit, as in war, as always my dear friend.’

 ‘Yes, Gimli, but in many ways such a decision is simpler for you.  You are certain in your knowledge of who you are.  There are others who are not so, and are anxious about what they may learn of themselves.  But let us not talk further now.  I feel, despite The Light, that darkness of the deep night is upon us and that many of us have much to consider.  Aragorn, will you show Éowyn where she may rest?  My pardon fair Lady that we do not have a chamber befitting your custom.’

 ‘Gandalf you need not apologize.  Remember I have rested in many places, such as in the tents of war before the battle of Pelennor Fields.’

 ‘Of course!’

Aragorn: ‘This way Éowyn.’


Gandalf took Legolas and Gimli aside: ‘Gimli, Legolas, over here - the others have departed, give me a detailed report on what you saw.’

Gimli: ‘The Light holds true, but we felt…’

Gandalf: ‘The darkness of Sauron?’

Legolas: ‘Yes Gandalf.  Where-ever The Light met the day, on every point, we felt his eyes upon it.’

Gandalf: ‘Yes I have felt him.   He seeks us.  He searches wrathfully for an answer to the penetration of The Light.  I feel his power, for he comes so close.  I feel his breath, grim and dark, filter into some far reaches just beyond The Light.  Yet I am confident it will hold.’

 ‘Gandalf is there nothing we can do?  Must we sit here like prey waiting to be swallowed by his devilry and darkness?’

 ‘Gimli we must believe that the power of The Light is beyond his reach.   We are not ready to challenge him yet, and it is not within us to keep the secret from him.  But we have other means which I will reveal to all on the morrow, with which will advance our cause and perhaps slow his.’

 ‘As long as we do something Gandalf.  You know my impatience with delay and caution.’

 ‘Yes Gimli, a great strength, and weakness also.’

 ‘That is true, but that is the way of dwarves.’

Legolas: ‘And we are ever thankful that this is so.’

 ‘Thank you. On the morrow, we will discuss what action we can best take.  Be assured Gimli, we will do what we can as soon as the way is shown.  On the dawn, may I ask you both to check The Light again?  Go rest now, my dear friends.’


Aragorn was escorting Éowyn to her chambers: Éowyn, one minute, may we talk over here?’

 ‘Aragorn, but of course.  What troubles you?’

 ‘Some words once said, and others not when they were needed.’

 ‘Of what do you speak?’

 ‘I wish to say this now, before I put on the Band, for I want you to know that this has troubled me for many years, and it is not with the insight of Elendil that I have seen this and wish to make amends.’

 ‘Amends to what person, me?’

 ‘Yes, I know we have spoken about the battle of Pelennor Fields many times, but we have never spoken of my words to you as I took the road to the Paths of the Dead.  Ù2.2 And I have let this sorrow between us linger, when a more gracious man would have spoken to you before, much before…’

 ‘I know now of what you speak, but there is nothing that you need now say.’

 ‘No, Éowyn, I will, I must say it.  I knew of your feelings for me, and in turn, in truth, I had feelings for you.  But I had given my promise to another, who had made such a sacrifice, I could not, would not, let these feelings have life.  I should have made this known to you from the start, rather than let your feelings grow.  It was not right to treat you so off-handedly, and then leave without full explanation.  Leaving such doubt in you and others.  I know not why I did this.  For my part, I knew I had to face something which would take all my courage, and call for a certainty of who I was, greater than I had accepted before.  I had not thought of the uncertainty I left behind in others, especially you.  I hope you will forgive me for the hurt of those words and those not properly said, and the sorrow they must have caused you.’

 ‘I know not how to answer you, but truthfully, there is nothing to forgive.  But as Gandalf is always so ready to remind us; sometimes, at a moment, we feel an emptiness over which we have no power, for it is not for us to control it, but to take it and do the best we can.  That is how I felt on your words, an emptiness, a sorrow as you say.  However, out of that emptiness, I found a determination to do things as I saw fit, to depend on no other to steer my course.  I had gone to Dunharrow thinking I might venture beyond the role accepted as a Lady of Rohan, as I believed I had the need and right to do.  But until your words, I did not know with certainty if I would, could do this.  Your words, as painful as they were to hear, gave me a certainty of course to go to battle – and as fate would have it, face the Great Nazgûl   and destroy him, as no man could have done.  I have thought many times of this moment.  And though I would have had your words otherwise, I would not have changed what happened even if it was within my power to do so.  So you see Aragorn, your guilt and sorrow have not been needed on my behalf; but I am glad you have spoken these words, as now you can be free of them.’

 ‘As ever, I am indebted to you for your kindness and courage.  Thank you Éowyn.’


 ‘Éowyn, what is your concern?  You grow so quiet and wan.’

 ‘Can you not hear the sound?’


‘Music.  Yes music like I have never heard before.  Voices, three voices.  Ù2.3 Can you not hear them Aragorn?’

 ‘Music.  No I hear no, no sound at all?  Of what does it sound?’

 ‘Not of instruments of Rohan.  Strange a treble, alto and bass, on strings of a melody.  A simple theme, but chasing itself, separate yet together, each imitating the other… rising and falling like, like the rising of the mist of dawn and the falling of the darkness of night.  Tell me Aragorn that you hear at least a whisper of this.’

 ‘I have never been attune to sounds, except the sound of the battle horn…’

 ‘But tell, do not hide from me, you hear nothing then…’

 ‘I hear nothing.  But that may be a failing in me, not you!’

 ‘That may be true, but in any case it is now gone.  Perhaps the Elendil Band will help me understand.  Good night Aragorn, my King and friend.’

 ‘May the rest bring you peace, dear Éowyn.’


It was late. The Hobbits were together, discussing the bands

 ‘I believe we have seen a change that may never see us return to the Shire.’

 ‘But if we are needed here, and our purpose is true, then Mr Frodo, we will see victory again, and happiness that the Shire brings to us four.’

 ‘Yes Frodo, I feel the strength of this Quest.   As with the Fellowship, although for a time parted, in the end victory came to us together.   I feel the strength of the others, more courageous and wise than us, or me at least.’

 ‘I feel safer now than in our last battle with the Dark Lord.   I do not see orcs, goblins and the Nazgûl.   Did not Gandalf say, our battle will not be with these creatures, and for me, I am mightily relieved.   I think I am better with other challenges, and the Elendil Band is a power we did not have before, surely this gives us more…’

 ‘Strength through insight and knowledge.  Yes I trust Gandalf completely in this.  You are right Merry we have greater armor now in this, than when we faced the darkness before.’

 ‘Will… you be putting it on?’

 ‘Yes immediately Sam.  Here we have reached our quarters.  It is up to each of you what you want to do.’


Sauron in his thoughts:  ‘I feel the eve of dawn, cold and grey.   My touch grows closer to The Light.  By the next fall of darkness I will have it in my control.  And soon and forever, will it and the power of this Light be destroyed.’

Addressing his Captain (Lord of the Nazgûl) who had just arrived:

‘Captain, Hto Dukrnojj he yenlaok uqq! ’    

The Darkness to conquer all

I sense the sour scent of lack of success.  Come not before me with ill tidings.’

 ‘Hto Dukrnojj he yenlaok uqq, Great Lord!   Some events have occurred as you commanded…’

 ‘But others not?   Do not anger me with failure! ‘

 ‘There is not failure, yet, my Lord, for some things are still to be completed.’

 ‘Then tell me, do not speak in riddles, Captain.  Only weak creatures use such words to hide their failings.  I have no use of such things and will not tolerate this from even you.’

 ‘Three things you asked of us, Great Lord.   To find the Wizard of Isengard. This we have, and even now he flies to you.’

 ‘When will he be here, and what does he know?’

 ‘On the morrow at sundown.  He knows only that you summon him.’

 ‘It must be before nightfall, make sure that he is not delayed.  And what of The Light?’

 ‘The Lieutenant believes that he knows how to penetrate the Elendil.’

 ‘Has he or hasn’t he?   Beliefs are no good to me!’

 ‘He has not as yet…’

 ‘Then I will see him immediately.’

 ‘I will ask my aide to fetch him here for you.’

 ‘No Captain, when I have received all that you have to tell me, you will bring him to me yourself.   Recount my displeasure to him for the delay.   By nightfall on the morrow, when the Wizard arrives he must have an answer for me.  But I will say this to him when you bring him before me.  Now what of the creature?  What have you found out about him?’

 ‘He is no-where to be found.’

 ‘What answer is this?!’

 ‘We have agents searching for his whereabouts, but there is no trace of him.’

 ‘What have you yourself done?’

 ‘I have consulted the palantir and have consulted the sage of Nurn.   I have organised also for a bounty to be placed with agents of The Dark across all times.   We have found that another is searching for him.   We have found a trace of this, and know that he also has been foiled.’

 ‘Yes, it is as I have seen myself.  The White Wizard is searching for him.  He must not get to the creature before we do.  The creature must be somewhere!   Make this you main task.   We lose great advantage if he is not within our control, and soon.   I wish to use him against this Light, for the young hobbit, once befriended him and thinks he can turn his evil.  The creature is a powerful tool under such weak thinking.   Find him urgently and bring me news immediately of any sign.   Now tell me of those with the White Wizard?’

 ‘He has only the three mortal men and one woman.’

 ‘Yes, the maiden of Rohan.  She still remains within my reach.   The Dark Wizard will be useful here, for he knows well those of Gondor and Rohan.’

 ‘The remainder includes an elf, a dwarf and four of the Shire.’

 ‘Yes, I have seen them all enter The Light.   Is this the best the White Wizard can muster?  Weak men and all-sorts.    I sense that he will search for another, but if this is the creature or another still, remains outside my perception.   I care not to worry about this for now.  These mortal men are riddled with weakness, especially the one, the eldest son of the Steward of Gondor.   For I see in him the dark temptation of Isildur and the madness of his father.   For the Steward’s pact, it will be a simple matter, when he is beyond the reach of the White Wizard, to bring him into The Dark.’

 ‘The King of the Reunited Realm is our primary threat, when the White Wizard is neutralized…’

 ‘No Captain, you are gravely wrong.  The maiden from Rohan, is our greatest peril.  It gnaws at me that she slipped through my grasp, but her doubt will bring her to me.  We need not concern ourselves with her for now.’

 ‘You wished also a report on our preparations in reforging our hordes.  We have bred the Uruk-Hai of Isengard with Uruks of Mordor– transforming the orc from the mindless foot soldier to a bolder and stronger breed - the Black-Uruk.   These are more fearsome than any Mordor orc in the past, in likeness to the form, agility and aggressiveness of Isengard’s mighty Uruk-Hai Scout Swordsman.   A fearsome army of these troops stands nearly ready at hand.’

 ‘Yet I sense that the next battle will not be on that front.  But after we have overcome the members of The Light, your troops can plunder the land, to bring those still standing to their knees.  There is now more than Middle-earth in my gaze.   Captain, go now from me, I need to consult the planatir.   Come back with success!’


Gandalf alone with his thoughts:  ‘I feel the eve of dawn, which I sense through Sauron’s darkness, appears cold and grey.’


Aragorn enters the chamber to speak to him.

 ‘Aragorn, up already or has not the night brought you any rest?’

 ‘The night has brought no chance of peace.  Much is still unanswered, and I struggle to find the right path.  But some things are beyond me. ‘

 ‘You do not yet wear the Elendil Band.’

 ‘No.  I wished to clear my mind first without it.  But I commit to having it on by dawn, as a show to the others.  You also do not have it on.’

 ‘I do not fear myself like you Aragorn, and you should not feel so.  However, I have delayed wearing it, also planned for the dawn, as I wished to sense Sauron more acutely.  Once I have the protection of the Band, I feared he might be removed somewhat from me.’

 ‘You continue to sense his presence?’

 ‘More so than before.  I fear that he has brought Saruman to his keep, and he searches also for Gollum.  I assume as a weapon against us, for the poor creature has no other use for him now.  Gimli and Legolas will be up soon to check The Light.  We should sit together for a bit before the others rise.’

 ‘I wished in any case to speak to you before the others appear, about Éowyn.’

 ‘About Éowyn?’

 ‘On last eve, after discussing a matter which has troubled me much, she heard music or voices, as she called them.  No music was actually to be heard, and although I made light of it, she sensed my concern, and it troubled her greatly.’

 ‘It is as I feared.  Éowyn is in the greatest peril. I have felt for some time now that this mission will depend ultimately on her, and I sense that Sauron is aware of this also. Ù2.4 We must care for her closely.   Aragorn you must do this.’

 ‘Gandalf I cannot, there has been sorrow between us, a misunderstanding…’

‘Which you have corrected and made good.’

 ‘You are aware of this?  Has Éowyn come to you?’

 ‘No she has not, but I know you well, and saw you talking quietly with her.  I have seen this worry on your mind for a long time, so it took no great insight to know the purpose.  And I could tell from your faces that each was happy that the words were said, and peace was made.’

 ‘Then did you also see her distress about the sound?’

 ‘Yes, for I heard it too, and overheard her questioning you.’

 ‘Then why did you not go to her and ease her mind?’

 ‘This was not for me to do – not then.  She will understand with the Band, as you will.   But I say to you with the gravest heart, I know not how the end will be or come to be.  That vision is beyond me for now.  But I have no doubt that it will depend on you and Éowyn.  I can say no more.   Aragorn do not ask me anything further.’

 ‘Gandalf, I hear what you have said.  I seek no more from you now, but, perhaps later…’

 ‘The dawn will soon be upon us, and I feel a new breath to the day.  Sauron’s eyes must be elsewhere.   I will need your strength and support for all that we must tell the others soon.  Try to find some peace, for a little while at least.’

 ‘I fear that peace is not within my reach.’

 ‘Use the Band, Aragorn.  Put it on.  You will then find the peace you seek.’

Aragorn departs to seek resolve and comfort.


The night flows on to the edge of dawn, and Éowyn seeks Gandalf out.

 ‘Gandalf, I heard Aragorn depart, and although I am reluctant to trouble you…’

 ‘I have been waiting for you Éowyn.  I sensed you wished to speak to me without the gaze of others.   Sit here near the fire.   We have much to talk about.  You wear the Band, has it helped you?’

 ‘I believe, as you said, it has given me the inner strength to pose the questions I have long denied myself asking.  I feel a new found peace.  But with this, at intervals for which I have no control, I feel a presence, a flash, a sound, then it goes.  Then I feel free and strong, until the next time.  Although I have sought the answer, the only one is that somewhere through me, someone is trying to speak - not only from the distant past, but from a future that I cannot imagine.  I feel that I have become like a bridge between worlds, but this sways dangerously at the whim of a mighty storm that ever threatens.  Gandalf what does this mean?’

 ‘Do not force this perception, Éowyn.  You have come an extraordinary way already, to know that you will be this bridge.   As I have foreseen it also.  It is an expression of the remarkable powers of insight you have already achieved, not only from the Band, but before.  I saw it at the time of the battle for Gondor, but all energy was engaged in your strength to defeat the Lord of the Nazgûl.  I did not have time to tell you on your arrival, as I have now foretold to Aragorn, I now know without doubt that the success of our purpose will depend on you and him; and in the end on you alone, and the force that you will control.  I know not how this will happen, so there are many paths yet to find and follow, but I feel this with clear certainty.  I tell you this not to alarm you but to say that I can share some of this burden, as I also feel the past and future cross, and I heard the sounds that you did last eve, although only as a faint whisper across time.’

 ‘I knew that I was not alone to hear.  At first I thought it was with Aragon that I shared this vision, but then I realised it was with you.’

 ‘Aragorn’s powers flow now along another path, and he carries many doubts that will continue until he finds an answer to the foreboding that grows within him.  And he has not given his trust to the Band, as we now both have.’

 ‘I feel his suffering, but also his resistance to others helping heal his pain.’

 ‘He will reach out to others in time.   We have other things to speak of, but we cannot now as Gimli and Legolas approach – and also Faramir, who beckons you, Éowyn.’

 ‘Gandalf, I do not fear this bridge I must be.’

 ‘I knew you would not.’


‘Come Legolas, we need to report to Gandalf.’

Gandalf:  ‘Gimli, Legolas, what of The Light?’

Gimli: ‘All seems secure.  Sauron’s breath lies just beyond it, but as yet, there appears no breach.’

Legolas: ‘We felt less of an intrusion from the growing day than we felt at night’s fall, as if the intensity of Sauron’s gaze was elsewhere.’

Gandalf: ‘Good.  I ask you to report the security of The Light to the others when we all meet again soon.’


Dawn moved to day, and Faramir came to Éowyn.

 ‘Éowyn, before you join the others, please - a word.’

 ‘Faramir, it is strange to have doom cast us together again as it once did in Gondor’s Houses of Healing.  I hope that it will deal with us more fairly than before, and that there will be less anguish and sorrow for both of us, especially for you, my dear Faramir.  But as you will, we should for this Quest’s sake make sure that all things have been said and righted between us.’ Ù2.5


As day blossomed, the group reunited, save for the warriors of men.

Gandalf welcomed them:Ah, we do not have to fear about being fed well, while bathed in eternal light, thanks to the hobbits.  I have spoken to some of the Band, but I need not say anything further, for I see that each one of you wears it.  We will have much chance to speak of it after we have taken refreshments.  Do you know where Boromir and Faramir are?’

Frodo replied: ‘I saw them deep in conversation with Aragorn.  They seemed, by their demeanors, to be discussing some grave concern.  They said they would be here presently, but not to wait for them for the morn’s meal.  Yet they asked for you to hold the next discussions of our purpose until they can join us.’

 ‘We will wait then for them, although there is much to do.  Gimli and Legolas, tell all your report about The Light’s perimeter.’

Legolas: ‘All seems secure.  We do not now have to fear Sauron’s intrusion within The Light.’

Gimli: ‘The Light holds true – we are now safe and protected by it.’

Merry then commented:  ‘I feel that nothing ill could befall us here, but that we need much planning for when we seek our way to Fangorn Forest.’

 ‘Merry, you feel that we must venture to Fangorn?’

 ‘The Band has made this purpose clear to me, although I must say, I do not know why.   For this awesome gift gave me a vision of the Forest, and this came not from memory, for the Forest was vastly different from when we saw it last.’

 ‘Truly then Merry, we must use your vision wisely in our deliberations.’

To which Frodo asked: ‘Gandalf, we have discussed between us of the Shire the feelings we have all experienced, separately and differently, we think from the Bands, but how do we use what we have felt and seen?’

Gandalf smiled at the wisdom and commonsense of the hobbits:  ‘This will be revealed to us over the day.  For we have but this day to take some course.  But let us wait for our further discussion until the others join us.  I will go and fetch them.’


The whole group gathered again in an adjoining chamber, and Gandalf spoke: ‘I have called you all within this chamber, to reveal the powers that have been granted to the Quest in addition to those of the Elendil Bands.  The majestic conference table of The Light from the Council here, is but one of them.  We each have a place on this, as we have a part in the Quest.  I ask you to take your place, as the Star of Elendil journeys across the sky, as so.’

 ‘Gandalf, the last seat, the one on your left-hand, there is no-one to sit there – is that Gollum’s place?’

 ‘Pippin, Gollum’s absence and its purpose are still masked.  While we search for him and the answer still, we have the twelfth Band, which will complete The Ring of Light – and this is all that is needed for now.  Lay your bands on the Table, touching that of the band next to you, then touch it not again.’

In amazement each in turn, exclaimed, and Gandalf explained.

Gimli: ‘With wonder I see the bands connect!’

Gandalf: ‘And from this connection, as from each of us when we bond with friendship, a light will emerge.’

Sam: ‘It is a true wonder that we see.’

Gandalf: ‘The power and gift of the Council.’

Faramir: ‘I have seen amazing sorcery performed in the Halls of Gondor, even by the Wizard Saruman, but I have not beheld anything so wondrous…’

Legolas: ‘As if the Star of Elendil fell upon this table, a remarkable – remarkable sight!’

Gandalf: ‘More wondrous yet to behold, only when The Ring of Light is whole will it provide such a display.  Yet the vision is not its only legacy, for out of this Light will come words, which will speak and be written.’

Boromir: ‘Gandalf, from the days of Isildur, we have been warned of such power consuming its beholders.  Are you sure that this force has not been infected by The Dark?!’

Gandalf: ‘I know Boromir of the devilry of which you speak, but I can assure you that none of this has transpired here.  There is only truth and righteousness in this marvel, for it is protected by the shield of Iarwain Ben-adar.  Although, the tentacles of Sauron infiltrate everywhere, he is not here, nor has his mark appeared anywhere within this Light.  We must trust in our feeling Boromir, and despite your premonition from last eve, tell me from your heart in looking at The Light – do you feel evil here.’

 ‘No Gandalf.  I feel none.’

Gandalf: ‘Then unless any other wishes to make comment now, we can proceed.  We have yet much to complete today.  Aragorn and I being summoned first, know some of what is about to occur, although our senses are not complete on how or why.  When first I came to look upon The Light, I heard the song of Nienna, great Queen of the Valar.   First I was instructed to call Aragorn from beyond this time.  Then with him, we have sought the answer to the words, and sought each of you from beyond, and had you thus appear.   It is important for you to hear the words from which you came.’

Pippin : ‘Gandalf, I see or hear nothing other than the brightness of The Light itself.’

 ‘Look inside Pippin, within yourself and within The Light.  See it is infused with words.’

 ‘Yes Gandalf I see, the words emerge from within The Light and grow upward…’

If The Ring of Light is completed,  Then Sauron's evil can be defeated.  This Light rises as one final chance,  To curb forever all Dark's advance.