PartVI Chapter 1:  Epilogue

The Light, Quest Day 13



The fall of night of day twelve of the Quest

As triumphs of Light over Dark attest

In courage and hope lay answers for all

To bring tyranny its end evermore
But where in past he from death rose again

Now in this fall, he was forever slain

From Dark’s end, Quest’s last chance began spinning

For time’s reversal and new beginning

But before this turn could in place be set

One more threat had to be found and offset.


So Gandalf called for all those of the Quest

To return for the Light’s one final test

So anew they travelled through time and space

To see how Quest’s Board had been set in place

The King, elf, dwarf and brothers from Gondor

The Lady from Rohan and Shire four

As one they came not to proclaim an end

But laud a new world and future defend.


As Éowyn saw and felt on Quest Day 13

It is only the dawn after that night in Quest’s time, when I saw the destruction of the Dark Lord, and his Master, Melkor.  Consumed by his hate, he did not perceive the simple trap that was laid for him.  By all reckoning, our plan had little chance of success if he wisely used the insights he had gained from our travels.   If his mind was not obsessed upon destruction, which coloured his own evil motives, and which he projected upon the Quest, he would have recognised that Gandalf’s trip to the future was not to find a ‘weapon of destruction’, but an amazing power of imagery; which would see me stand before him, not physically but virtually.  

If he was not frenzied that evening with the frustration of rage and the lust for my obliteration, he may have seen through this guise.  If he had not terrorized Saruman, the Wizard would not have willingly helped Ben-adar, knowing that this would seal his doom, and the Quest would not have gained the revelation of the vial nor this extra time.


I stood in wonder and relief when I saw him fall, a fall of self-destruction with a darkheart, which would bring an end to his spirit forevermore. 


I felt the wind of time commencing its reversal bringing forth a new beginning, but then,

as if some key still needed turning, this breath of change stalled.


I looked at Gandalf, and he must have seen the disbelief and disappointment in my countenance, for he came to where I was standing, and reassured me that the promise made had not been broken.  That from this time, all the dark created by Sauron’s future forms would be reversed, but that this could not automatically occur because…

‘Because why’ I implored an answer from him.  What stopped this from occurring?


Solemnly, he said because a piece of the Board had not been identified before, and its place had not been set.  He needed to consult Ben-adar on this matter when he arrived.


I sensed to what he referred.  For as Sauron was consumed, I had heard a distant cry of grief from a soul who felt his death with pain.  Who was this?


Everyone has now arrived, with elation and joy; we sat around the table once more.  Gandalf explained and then demonstrated the apparition and what had occurred the previous night.  The hobbits started to chatter excitedly in amazement of the device, and Boromir and Faramir discussed the finer details of the hologram.  Gimli was speaking with Legolas uproariously about the fitting end of the troops of the Dark Lord. 

Only Aragorn and I, although standing apart, him with the brothers and me with the hobbits, felt some sadness knowing that not all had unfolded as planned.  


And so Gandalf allowed those of the Quest to continue in this sense of exhilaration.  I looked at Gandalf, for we knew that on Ben-adar’s appearance, something more would need to be told. 

The morning continued, all enjoying this occasion, for at nightfall, we thought that this union would again be separated. 


Then I overheard Merry ask Gandalf, in his innocent insightful way:

‘What about the changes, now that Sauron was consumed, never to re-appear, how would the new beginning begin?’

I walked across to hear Gandalf’s response.  And as Gandalf’s words began, everyone grew silent in the room.

‘There is still one matter to be resolved Merry,’ Gandalf answered.

‘Yes, what is it?’ Merry replied. 

‘Well that is a matter I have to discuss with Ben-adar when he arrives,’ and before Merry could ask further, Gandalf was granted a reprieve, for Ben-adarwalked into the chamber. 


We were overjoyed to see him, especially the hobbits who rushed to his side.  None, except Gandalf, had realised the immense peril he had been in, in his combat with Sauron’s and Melkor’s will.  But now he seemed to show no ill effect of this struggle.  He sat amongst us and spoke of our wondrous accomplishments, and then he told us of what still needed to be done; a stunned silence arose. 


For on that day,    

Modeled on Aragorn’s call to arms at the Black Gates in ROTK film,
Jackson et al, screen-script.

Men did not forsake their friends,

 or the bonds of fellowship break.

Shields were not shattered nor courage fail.


But it was not on this day,

that all evil was destroyed,

Not on this day

Could a new beginning begin.


If the pledge of a new beginning

was to come to pass

One piece remained,

For Sauron lived through his seed.


From the destruction of The Dark Lord and this meeting of the Quest, and then beyond, there is much to be spoken, but this is for a further tale, which stands waiting to be told.