PartV Chapter 2
The Light, Quest Day 12



Ben-adar returned with what the code meant

But through the struggle, his strength was spent.


The hour before nightfall, Ben-adar spoke to Gandalf, Aragorn and Éowyn.

Do not concern yourselves for my state; for this is merely transitory, and I have no more role to play in this struggle. 


Keep close the truths of the words written and follow the paths of the prophecies.  They will lead to wisdom and triumph, for remember as old lore fashioned by new, proclaims:


Not all that is good shines as gold

Nor all that of evil burns flesh

Not all those who question, search truth

Nor all those who claim knowledge, know

Not all that is long is endless

Nor all that is new, is of worth

Not all that is old will perish

Nor all that is young will endure

Not all that is over, is cast

Nor all of the future, will come


From ashes a fire is woken

And embers a passion will spur

The Light from the shadows will kindle

A challenge to darkness once more

Deep roots and kin blood will ensure

Honour and gallantry in man

For all those fallen in battle

Will rise once again to fight on

Renewed shall be hope everlasting

And justice to kingdoms will come     

From the words and inspiration of Tolkien’s poem of Aragorn
(in LOTR and drafts)

And more, from the insights of ‘the five things’ of new lore we have armored our challenge not just to resist The Dark but to overcome it...  In Sauron’s defense against Light’s attack, the night of the darkmoon has been witness two creations of darkness.


The Rings of Power were recast

The twelve into one Master Ring

The Isengard for Nazgûl nine,

These ten rings the Dark Lord concluded

From lore and prophecies procured

Overpower Light’s separate rings

The Elven three and dwarven one.

But by fallacy he was drawn

To misconstrue what was written,  

For the three freely relinquished

And worn by one of special might

Would wield a force beyond Dark’s ten.


Two Dark Lords once reigned Middle-earth

Melkor, mightiest Arda lord

Sought all to destroy and enslave

Was exiled to the Void beyond

By new lore and prophecy told

His essence captured in a vial

The vial unleashed, Sauron absorbed

Melkor’s dark spirit and evil

In claim of ultimate power

Sauron could solely darkness see

And by distorted view contrived

To defend his Dark from The Light.


So to Light’s advantage has come Sauron’s dark and distorted image of the world, it has led him to misinterpreting and misunderstanding Light’s powers and plans... His obsession with power and domination, and the ways of his Master, to destroy or enslave, has compounded his inability to see beyond a malevolent perspective; he cannot comprehend the strengths of man, his hope and compassion, which he only conceives as weakness.  It is on these grounds that he falls vulnerable to The Light.


Go Éowyn with my blessing – as your hope consumes doubt, Light’s victory is assured.