PartV Chapter 1
The Dark, Quest Day 12



The Dark Lord and Captain


The Dark Lord waited, for three of the Quest

As mighty and One, for the final conquest.


As QD12 transpired, Sauron spoke to his Captain.


They come at fall of night, at the time of The Dark.  They will meet me on the tower. 

Call together the Nazgûl and the troops.  Assemble them below so my army may see me vanquish the Quest and all for which it stands.


I have sensed that the Ancient One has made contact with the Isengard Wizard.  The prophet’s power is prodigious, and can still resist me, nevertheless it is waning, diminishing rapidly by the demands forced upon it, drawing from it the very essence of its strength. The fool is trying to protect the Wizard.  Go now my Captain and destroy them both....

 Hold yet Captain, for I sense the Wizard is close to solving the riddle of the vial.  We can wait until this understanding is uncovered.


She will come by herself, to stand before us as she once did.  She will don the three Elven Rings and one from the dwarf.  They trust that they can change an element of past, which will cause the future to flow along a different path to lead to the dominion of The Light.  They are not as yet aware of my reforging and command of the Rings – ha they have scant insight!


It is as we have surmised, and the visions of the Wizards confirmed, their reckoning somehow lies with the Northern Queen and your, when as Númenórean prince, Morisoron, momentary weakness and denial of the Ring.  But they have gravely misconstrued the significance of this for events then and those forthcoming.  What happened was a consequence of the base bewitchment of her over you. They have little foresight if they conceive challenging The Dark with this. 


She intends to carry no weapon but the Rings. Nonetheless they have another force, one of The Light from future’s store; although it cannot be anything created or touched by The Dark.  My insights have not uncovered what it is they brought back, but under the conditions if its selection, where on their list, nought of worth is of their choice, nor  in every case, could match the might which I with Melkor can now wield.  They hope to alter the time to come by transforming the time that has passed.  This hope is ill-conceived, of the weak and desperate, and futile in its plan – for The Dark permeates all-of-time!  I will attest to this as I will slay her again just as before, affirming all that has come after.


The vial’s message has been deciphered.  Captain, fetch the Wizard.  For I will recover that which the Ancient One so desired and risked his very self to obtain.  The prophet is forthwith a spent-force, and is no longer any threat to me, and for the Wizard, we will have no further use.



The Wizard of Isengard and Ben-adar


The Wizard waited for The Dark’s decree,

There was no reprieve or evil to flee.


Two hours before nightfall the palantir glowed a dazzling white, and as Saruman watched, he felt liberated from Sauron’s control.  Ben-adar appeared.

Saruman spoke to the prophet of The Light.


I feel a release from Sauron’s will, but this can only be a momentary reprieve, for Sauron will sense this and your presence.


Ben-adar your adages are those of false hope for there is nothing to be done.  I know my fate is sealed, and your incursion here merely brings my end to the fore.  The Dark Lord will send for me.  I have until the palantir is consumed by The Dark.


A red light begins to infiltrate the palantir.


Come not to me Ben-adar and ask me to assist you now.  You are too late.  Sauron’s spirit has been fused with the essence of Melkor, his power is inexorable.


The Rúmil texts do speak of what you seek but they are in code.  I could not deduce this previously. 


Be warned if we solve it together, I could not keep the deciphering from Sauron when he commands it from me...and we have very little time for our deductions.


The enigma, as it was embossed in a spirals around the vial...  However, despite having the decipher from the Coffer of the Wise, I could not decode it.


The letters did not appear til the vial was emptied... but how...


Ah Ben-adar you are right, the Rúmil manuscripts were written right to left and bottom to top in ancient form, not.... as I transcribed...yes, I behold the spirals unravel, quick, quick... the order forms:


Wci Nukl vemxosix umn hyamnx uyy fce yw imxyugix

Wca Yapcw amxtakix umn imyapcwimx uyy fce aw bkiix

Yapcw fayy vemxosi Nukl fcim ceti vemxosix neohw.


If only we had time... I fear your powers cannot hold him off long enough; the palantir...his darkness is consuming it.


The first line, I have it translated: ‘The Dark consumes and blinds all who it enslaves’


Ah, your light is holding that of Sauron’s – for now.  We just need a little more... the second line: ‘The Light inspires and enlightens all who it frees’.


Ben-adar he robs you of your strength, leave me – it is too late ... you are almost spent... he toys with us... what does it matter...it is futile...


Yes, there is promise, just as you have contained his darkness in the palantir, so...   the last line, I have it:  ‘Light will consume Dark when hope consumes doubt.’


Ben-adar, it is done - and in writing it comes to mind as one of the prophecies of the elven oracle, Elmowë, a message of hope in face of insurmountable adversity. I heard Elmowë say these words on the peak of Methedras. A day later Sauron slew the elf and destroyed all memory.  I had forgotten this revelation...


  You are correct; he will not understand the meaning as we do.  There is hope after all, if not for me, then others.


He sends his Captain, Ben-adar if anything will come of this you must depart.  Tell Gandalf that I see his choice was the righteous path, and though it was not one for me to take then, and sealing my doom now, I give you the pledge Gandalf asked for, I freely relinquish The Dark.


The Captain arrived at Saruman’s chamber.



The Dark Lord


The night–tide is falling and she will come

Dark will meet her and her hope overcome


The last rays of the golden orb sink beyond a world that will soon know the power of darkness.  I taste the victory that will anon be mine, and yours Melkor, my Master.  For all the pieces on the Board are now finally set.  Those that will support us will see an end to the weakness of The Light, to its love, righteousness and hope.  These qualities are the cornerstones of vulnerability, and with and by them; they have fallen into the hands of our strengths of domination and vengeance.


I perceive their despair now that the Ancient One is spent.  I would have preferred to have faced their champion in strength, but will still find gratification in The Light’s defeat.


The troops are being assembled to watch Dark’s triumph, and this sign will unleash on Middle-earth an engulfing plague devouring those who resist.  There will be no King or White Wizard to save Light’s forces, for these warriors shall die here, in desolation and doubt as I slay their maiden.  Their weapon of Light cannot penetrate Dark’s force-field.  I would wish to see their dismay when they first realise this. 


With contempt do I look upon what they send to challenge my Captain and me:  an untested force of The Light and a maiden linked to the past. 


Do they think that such measures instill a sense of fear or mistrust?  They do not know that I know of the Captain’s refusal.  Do they think this affects me, for there is no refusal within him now, it makes my sense of supremacy more fulfilled, for the Captain obeys me as if being an extension of myself.  There is no refusal; the Captain has no will but mine.  On what a weak premise have they based their plan.  And the maiden, yes, in her and the Northern Queen, I have lusted over their submission to me.  No female form, not even the seventh of my Nine, has come into my sight this way.  For their beauty and courage once fascinated me.  But not for a second did I then, or now, withhold from the annihilation of that which would not be totally belonging to me.  Only for my seed , do I give any quarter, but I would not hesitate in his destruction should he defy me.  Shortly he will rise, and become as the third part of the union between him, my master and me.  Then our powers will be complete.  Even the mighty Manwë could not withstand this triumvirate; this will all be as I will.


It is time, for the Captain comes for me.  I am ready.