PartIV Chapter 3
The Light, Quest Day 11



As others woke on the eleventh Day

They found a thick mist had engulfed The Light

They appeared, dazed and in some disarray,

Legolas was there to explain their plight

Gandalf, Aragorn, Éowyn, had erewhile gone

The Light was in danger of being breached

And the mist shielding them was dispersing,

Each received a parchment with details drawn

So safely their different worlds could be reached

For both time and space would need traversing.


Each read Gandalf’s separate directions

To return to their future existence,

But with no memory of connections

To each other and The Light’s resistance

Of all Dark’s domain and evil misdeeds,

This they understood, but they felt dismay

For it meant a parting once more of friends, 

But Gandalf pledged all, if Light’s plan succeeds

They would be recalled on the thirteenth day

If not, their lives would follow other ends.


For now, with Sauron’s increasing dire threat

None could be protected within The Light 

So with joy that they had once again met

Eight beings embraced, mindful of the might

That three of their own would soon need to face

And on which Light’s very existence laid.

Quietly at each’s allotted hour

They slipped away into the tides of space

To those world’s and time’s divergent parade

Hidden and safe from Sauron’s baneful power.